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Loan Amount


Loan Term

Revolving or 10-25 Years

Time to Funds

As Soon As 30 Days

Interest Rates

As Low As 5.5%

Are you looking to acquire an existing business?

Look no further, because business acquisition loans will help you do just that.
It’s actually that straightforward! This loan can be used to buy an existing franchise or business. This means you don’t even have to have a bundle of cash stashed somewhere before you start your own business.

Business acquisition loans can give you the much needed leg up to start your business.

We’re no strangers to how backbreaking startup phases can be, which is what makes skipping it such an excellent idea, especially if you’re a small business. By buying an existing franchise or business, you can have things running in no time and accelerate the growth of your business with existing resources - which means you can actually get farther at a faster rate.

You’ll need to do some documentation before you can apply.

Credit history, revenue and time in business, are some of the factors used to determine your qualification for small business loans. However, the criteria employed by your lender will be slightly different if you’re purchasing a franchise or business, to ensure that you’re actually investing in a business that is viable – and thus able to repay the loan.

You must be ready to present records of your business’s valuation and financial performance, including your business plan and some other financial projections. In addition, the lender will also need to know about any similar experience from your past that might help you grow and manage the business successfully.

You can actually start exploring different business acquisition loan options, even if your paperwork is not completely ready. Start by answering our online application questions, and we will provide you with the best offer possible.

Take advantage of the low interest rate and reduce your cost.

The fact that its interest rate can go for as low as about 5.5%, is another factor that makes business acquisition loans so attractive. It means you get to save a lot of cash over the course of your loan.

Business Acquisition Loan.


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