Selling your receivables is a great way to access quick cash

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Loan Amount

Up to 80% of Receivables

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Up to 1 Year

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As Little as 24 Hours

Interest Rates

As Low as 5%

The issue of unpaid invoices is gradually becoming a nationwide problem.

Not to worry, we have a possible solution to this problem.

Are you aware that there are about $825 billion unpaid invoices in America’s small business sector? As a business owner, you’ve probably had to handle the issue of unpaid invoices at one point or the other. This is why you might need to consider accounts receivable financing (sometimes called factoring). Selling your receivables or purchase orders is a great way to access quick cash for your business.

Get quick capital with accounts receivable financing.

There’s no better way to access quick working capital for your business than accounts receivable financing.

Apart from its low factor rates, with accounts receivable financing you don’t have to go through the stress of trying to collect your outstanding debts on your own.

You don’t even need to have amazing credit to qualify.

Here is what differentiates account receivable financing from the rest: you don’t need a great credit rating to qualify for it. The factoring company is more interested in the credit rating of the company owing you, since it is an important element used to determine the odds of the factoring company paying as soon as ownership of the invoice is transferred.

This underscores the importance of working with legitimate and credit worthy people. The most important thing in business is working with reliable clients this insures that you’ll get paid when payment due. Should you need to utilize an accounts receivable loan, you can relax knowing that they have a greater financial benefits that offers you better financial options.

It only takes a couple of minutes to apply for your accounts receivable financing. All you have to do is fill out an application form, then pick the best option from about 75+ leading lenders.theth

You don’t need to have collateral.

Here’s another amazing thing about using accounts receivable financing; you don’t need to have collateral! The implication of this is that, you don’t have to worry about putting your hard earned assets on the line to source capital for your business.

Accounts Receivable Financing.


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